Metal vs. Plastic Weed Eater Blades

When choosing weed eater blades there are a couple of different options to choose from. Weed eaters have either plastic or metal blades. When choosing the blades for your weed eater keep the following things in mind.


Metal blades are more durable. Plastic blades are fairly durable but care should be taken when using them up against a hard surface like a shed or curb. These kinds of surfaces can damage the blades. Metal blades are more durable but have to be used carefully.

Plant Friendly

Plastic blades are easier on the landscape. With metal blades you have to be extra careful around tender plants and the bases and roots of trees. A plastic blade can still damage certain plants but tends to be more forgiving. If you use a weed eater for more than just edging the lawn then you may want a metal blade. A metal blade can cut saplings, heavier weed growth and vines.


Metal blades may need to be sharpened. Plastic blades will need to be replaced occasionally but are inexpensive.

The right choice between metal and plastic blades for your weed eater depends on your specific needs. Choosing the right blades makes maintaining your landscaper easier.