Metal vs Wood Garage Ceiling Shelf

A garage ceiling shelf is a great addition to any home garage. It provides additional storage solutions for all sorts of things. You can store your seasonal landscaping items up on the garage shelving, or you can hang your bikes by adding a bike rack to the underbelly of the garage ceiling shelf. If you are currently searching out the different types of shelves, you have probably run into wood and metal garage ceiling shelf options. Below are some of the differences between the two materials.


Wood will tend to hold in moisture more than metal. Depending on the type of wood shelving you choose, you could end up with mildew and mold problems from the humidity and the damp air. In addition, wood is prone to rotting over time when in contact with the elements. Metal shelving will not weather like this. If you purchase galvanized type metal shelving, you will stave off any potential rusting.

Look and Feel

Depending on your garage design, you may want to choose either wood or metal. They both appeal to different type of styles.


Overall, the metal shelving will provide you with the most amount of strength and versatility. You can easily add hooks and clamps to your metal shelving for bikes and other outdoor items that need hanging storage. It is not as easy to do this with wood shelving.