Metal vs Wood Post Anchor Metal vs Wood Post Anchor

A tool that can make building a deck much easier is a metal post anchor. These anchors are used to easily integrate the wooden post into the deck, patio, or railing for the most strength and stability. While the metal post anchor is the most readily available and widely used, a wooden counterpart is also available. If you are building a deck and need a way to install your post, you will need to decide whether to use a metal or wood post anchor.


The metal post anchor is the more durable of the two options. They will last many years longer than the wood without as much maintenance and upkeep.

New Technologies

Metal post anchors are being configured into seamless integration with new technologies and materials. They can now be hidden under the post to hide them and add more strength to the entire post.

Easy to Work With

Wood post anchors are a little easier to work with as you can drill, cut, and shape them to fit with less work.

Small Projects vs Large Projects

The metal post anchor should be your choice when working on a large deck, patio, or railing. They will add more support over the entire project. Wood post anchors are good for smaller projects where a lot of stress is not going to be an issue.

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