Methods for Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete crack repair is something that most home or business owners have to do at one time or another if they have a cracked sidewalk, wall or driveway. Depending on the size and type of crack it is, you can choose from several different types of concrete crack repair methods. Here are four of the most common you can use:

Crack Injection

If the crack you have to fix is hairline up to about ½ inch in size, you can use crack injection to fill it up. This type of repair method is normally used for poured concrete walls, not block walls because it can’t be used on hollow walls. Crack injection methods are also good for concrete crack repair if you need to stop a water leak because it will fill up the whole damaged area.

This method uses either polyurethane or epoxy. Which one you use depends on what type of crack it is. If the crack is wide and deep, then polyurethane is better because epoxy tends to not expand as much and is runnier. That could cost more because you’d have to use more epoxy to fix the damaged area. However, if the crack is on something like a driveway or floor, epoxy might be a better fix because it has a good strength and bond on areas that have high traffic.

Concrete Mix Method

If the crack you have is small enough that the two sides don’t move when you touch them, you can repair them with regular concrete mix. These types of cracks are ones that normally don’t need a professional to fix them. All you have to do is clean out the crack, and smear a paste of the concrete mix into the damaged area. Then, you must make sure the repaired area is kept clean, wet and covered with plastic so it can cure. This type of repair should harden in about a week’s time.

Slab Jacking

If you have a really large or uneven crack, concrete crack repair can be much harder to do. Slab jacking is more complicated because it requires that you remove the area that has the crack and pour new concrete. This concrete crack repair method pumps the concrete into the damaged area and then seals it up with a special adhesive. It is mostly used if you have something really large like a whole new section of your floor or driveway to replace. It usually hardens in about 3 to 7 days. You will probably have to hire a professional to do this kind of work, as it is not an easy task.

Cement Paint

Another simple method for small concrete crack repair is cement paint. While this is not really paint, it is about as easy to use. Cement paint is made by diluting your cement mixture to look like paint and then using a paint brush to put it on the crack. This type of repair works best if your crack is very tiny and thin. And it’s about the easiest method because all you have to do is “paint” it into the damaged area and let it dry.