Micro Abrasive Blasting Safety Precautions Micro Abrasive Blasting Safety Precautions

If you have to perform micro abrasive blasting, it is important that you follow all safety precautions associated with the risk. The equipment used and nature of the job can cause serious harm should an accident occur. With a common sense approach however, chances of serous injury can be minimized.


Before any micro abrasive blasting takes place, ensure your work area is organized, free from anything that is going to hinder you or likely to make you fall over. Ensure that it will be people-free for the duration of the blasting. Never carry out abrasive blasting in gaseous environments or near an open flame.

Job Knowledge

Ensure you can answer the following questions before you begin micro abrasive sandblasting. Do you know why you need to carry out abrasive blasting? Do you know what the abrasive blasting will achieve? Do you know how to carry out the abrasive blasting to achieve the effect you want? If the answer to all three is yes, then carry on.


Check all equipment before you do the work. Ensure that it is in good working order, particularly paying attention to cable integrity. If there is any sign of damage, repair or replace the equipment. Ensure the environment is well lit and dry. Never used damaged equipment for the job. This can cause a whole raft of problems and enhance the risk of injury.

Alcohol and Medication

Never perform abrasive blasting under the influence of medication, alcohol or drugs. This can lead to particularly nasty injury.

Remove Nails and Other Protrusions

Check the blasting area for nails and protrusions before commencing with sand blasting. These cannot only damage the equipment but can also cause flying particle damage to you.


Never wear clothing that can entangle with the equipment. Loose sleeves, dangling jewelery, ties, or gloves should not be worn while performing micro abrasive blasting. Long hair should be tied back.

Protective Clothing

At all times during the micro abrasive blasting ensure that you are wearing impact resistant safety glasses. Goggles can be used if you wear glasses; ensure that the glasses cover your glasses completely. Remember normal glasses are not impact resistant and the lenses are likely to scratch. Dust masks should always be used too, to avoid the risk of swallowing or ingesting dust.

Manuals and Tool Operation

Ensure you are familiar with any tools used and that you have read the instruction manual, paying particular attention the the safety features of the device. To that end ensure that you are using the correct power supply and voltage required. Keep the chord away from liquids, especially oil, and ensure that you are using the correct tool for the job. This extends to using the correct bit for the tool, and that you are not using the tool in a way for which it was not designed.

Ensure Someone Knows Where You Are

If you are blasting alone, ensure somebody knows where you are so they can check in with you at certain times. This way, if you are incapacitated you should not have to go too long before medical help arrives. 

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