Micro Wind Turbines: Cost vs Savings Micro Wind Turbines: Cost vs Savings

Micro wind turbines produce clean energy from the wind. The income from one household to another varies so it is an individual decision as to whether the cost and savings from purchasing a micro wind turbine is right for you.

Cost of Micro Wind Turbines

The price of micro wind turbines ranges from $600 to $30,000. A micro wind turbine priced $600 that’s capacity is rated at 400 watts starts at an 8 mph wind speed. It produces 38 kilowatts each month turning at 12 mph. To see how much you can save find out the average kilowatts your home uses per month. Determine how much a kilowatt costs in your area and calculate how much money you will save.

Then according to the price range of the micro wind turbine you need calculate how long it will take to get your investment back. Micro turbines last up to 20 years.

Roof Mounted Wind Turbine

The energy savings and how much less carbon a roof-mounted turbine produces are qualified according to size, and location of the wind turbine and its wind speed. Also, are nearby buildings blocking the wind? What is the local landscape like? Is there anything in it to block the wind?

Mast Mounted

The cost of bigger mast mounted systems is determined by the kind of system, the location, and its size. It is a freestanding system. These are better for country use.

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