Mildew Resistance in Hemp Bathroom Towels Mildew Resistance in Hemp Bathroom Towels

There are various materials that are used in making bathroom towels but if you want to help in saving the environment while at the same time having a towel that is resistant to mildew, why not use hemp towels instead. Hemp towels are considered as organic towels. They are hypoallergenic and can be used in exactly the same way as you would with other kinds of towels. In other words, there is no noticeable difference between hemp and other kinds of towels.

Source of the Material

The plants where the material used in making hemp towel came from are matured organically. Meaning, no artificial fertilizers or commercial pesticides were used while they are growing. Harsh chemicals are also avoided in their harvesting and processing, which includes the dyeing procedure. Most of the organic hemp towels that are on the market are not dyed though. While it is not as soft and absorbent as those made from bamboo, flax hemp towels are usually cheaper.

How to Buy an Organic Hemp Towel

If you are going to buy yourself a hemp towel, pay close attention to its label. There must be a certification that it is really organic. There are different rules that are enforced in each country so it would be best to know what is considered as an organic product on a particular country.

Features of a Hemp Bath Towel

The chief producer of flax hemp towels is Europe and it is also the area where the material is most famous. Aside from its natural resistance towards mildew, which in itself is reason enough to buy yourself one, the material will also last longer than cotton. It is also more water absorbent. However, hemp towels are more expensive than cotton ones because the plant where it comes from is grown only in certain areas of the planet. Cotton on the other hand is grown more widely, thereby providing more sources of the material. In addition, the equipment used in the processing of hemp fibers are of the very special kinds and this increases the overall cost for the production of hemp fibers. Aside from bath towels, hemp fibers are also used in the making of bed covers, bed spreads and kitchen items.

To add to its various features, hemp bath towels are also anti bacterial and resistant to molds. The fibers remain strong even with constant use and the feel of the fabric becomes softer as it is washed and used. Hemp towels leave no chemical residues on the body and if you shield yourself with it from the sun, it could block off harmful ultraviolet rays better than other kinds of fabrics.

Kinds of Hemp Fibers

Basically, there are a couple of types of hemp fibers. These are the long or bast fibers and the inner short or hurd fibers. By tradition, the flax plant has been grown because of the versatility and quality of its bast fibers. These fibers take up 20 to 30 percent of its stalk depending on the density of planting and the variety of seed.

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