Mini Deep Fat Fryer

Deni, Waring and Presto are among the mini deep fat fryer manufacturers, offering their products for as little as $30. Ultra compact and capable of tucking away on a countertop or in a cupboard when not in use, mini deep fryers typically have a cooking oil capacity of 1 to 2 liters, equal to about 4 to 8 cups. While not big enough to prepare family-size meals, mini fryers are great for preparing tasty individual servings of popular fried foods like breaded cheese sticks, chicken wings, shrimp, fish and french fries.


Really the only difference between mini and full-size home deep fryers is in the overall size and capacity. They also feature a lower-power heating element, commonly 840 Watts. Still, many of the features are identical to their larger counterparts. Stainless steel design features, adjustable thermostat, power-on indicator and a see-through lid allowing one to check the cooking progress are readily available.


Mini deep fat fryers feature a sealable lid that prevents hot oil from splattering during cooking. Typically built into the lid is an odor filter which takes a replaceable activated carbon mat, perfect for containing unpleasant oil smells. Cool-touch handles allow for easy removal of the fry basket. Easy to clean, the basket itself and oil reservoir are often dishwasher safe, while the element may be removable for cleaning purposes as well.