Mini Deep Fryer

Very affordable at prices ranging from about $20 to $50, a mini deep fryer is a convenient home countertop appliance. Providing an easy means of quickly frying up favorite foods like chicken, vegetables, seafood or pastries, mini deep fryers differ from larger home models only in their capacity. While some models feature up to a 20-cup capacity, mini units can typically hold 1 to 2 quarts of cooking oil. In terms of food output, most models can fry 1 to 1.5 pounds at once, ideal for individual servings.


Mini deep fryers are made by companies like Deni, Cuisinart, Waring and Euro-Pro. They feature an immersion-style heating element running at between 800 and 1,500 Watts. With many models, the element itself is removable for easy cleaning. A durable steel mesh basket with a plastic- or silicone-coated grip holds the food as it fries. Both the basket and the enamel-coated oil reservoir are dishwasher safe for a more convenient cleanup. 


Most mini deep fryers feature an adjustable temperature for a variety of different cooking applications, oil-ready indicator light and automatic shutoff circuit. A magnetic breakaway cord provides another safety measure, while a built-in filter contains many of the odors caused by frying foods. While all home deep fryers are compact, mini models are especially space saving and are usually no larger than a toaster oven.