Mint Green Mint Green

It's cool. It's fresh. It's light-as-a-feather. It's mint green, the color chosen for April because it embodies the feeling of spring.

Mint green is a bright, light green. What we call mint green is not the actual color of the plant itself. As any gardener knows, the color of fresh peppermint is a dark green, in the shade appearing almost black.

But in the world of decorating, we think of mint green as something far lighter, more along the lines of the mint produced for candies. It's the fresh, cool color that brings to mind childhood visits to a grandmother's sedate living room, where she'd always have a bowl of chocolate-covered mints waiting. Bite in, and there, hidden between the layers of dark chocolate, is the flash of bright mint green.

Here, we see mint green used to one of its more dramatic effects, paired with black. As you can see in this photograph, the combination is serene and elegant without being stuffy. The mint green walls give the room a bright note, bringing in a feeling of the outdoors without making the room feel rustic.

Because the black chair and accent pieces on the shelves contrast so sharply with the mint green walls, they really stand out. You have to be careful with an arrangement like this to display only those items to which you really want attention drawn, because the eye will go there unerringly, especially if you keep the objects at a minimum, as this designer has done.

Note here too the use of the orchid spray you can see coming into the upper right hand corner of the photo. Mint green invariably does well when combined with fresh flowers, whether they're potted plants or fresh cut flowers.

And as you can see, mint green is light enough to be able to be used on a whole wall, without making the room feel oppressive or dark. Also, it's a bright enough color to inspire mental activity, so it works well for this area, which is a combination study/dining area.

In this second photo, we see mint green used in accent pieces against a primarily white and neutral background. Of course, because the windows are so filled with leafy green trees, the green accent pieces pick up that green from the outside.

But they also add a fresh note to the room. Without the mint green accents, this room would be a little too still; the candles, leafy plant, and the cup and vase on the table to the far left bring in a bit of excitement, without seeming glaring or out of place. Because the room is painted white, with the rug and hammock in neutrals, the mint green accents enhance the outdoorsy feeling.

Mint green, being a color associated with spring, will add a lively little lift to any room, bringing a feeling of renewal and growth to the home.

Reprinted with permission from the Sheffield School of Interior Design

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