Mirror Tile Backsplash: 5 Design Ideas Mirror Tile Backsplash: 5 Design Ideas

Mirror tile backsplashes are simple and creative ways to decorate kitchen backsplashes. Mirror tiles can be purchased at your local craft store or home improvement center, or online through a variety of supply websites. These tiles are useful not only for craft projects, but also to spice up interior design. Instead of using only plain tiles on kitchen backsplashes, mirror tiles add style and also enhance the space and make it look larger and brighter by reflecting the space around it. And the best part? Not only is it elegant, but also easy to clean!

1 - Entire Backsplash

Tile the entire backsplash in mirror tiles if you’re decorating for a small space. The reflections on the mirrors will make your place look twice as big!

2 - Random Tiles

Apply tiles at random. Adding the occasional mirror tile to your backsplash will add flair and excitement to an otherwise simple backsplash, but will not overwhelm.

3 - Decorated Mirror Tiles

Decorate the mirror tiles. Using paint, draw something simple or write your favorite quote. Your quote or picture will be further emphasized on your backsplash because of the bright mirror tiles, so it will not fade into the background as it may on a regular tile.

4 - Mirror Tile Designs

Create a design with the mirror tiles. Whether it is a geometric shape or a symbol such as a sun, the mirror tiles can pop out of the regular tiles to emphasize your design.

5 - Mosaic Mirror Tiles

Break up the mirror tiles to form a mosaic. This is most easily done with self-adhesive, thin mirror tiles that you can cut. In this way, you can stray from the standard tile sizes and be more creative in your design.

Mirror Tile Purchase, Application, and Design Tips

  • Be aware of your surface when purchasing mirror tiles. You can purchase self-adhesive tiles for mosaics or smaller areas, or larger, heavier tiles that you have to glue. If you’re not sure which type you should use, ask a consultant at your local store and describe the size and style of your project.
  • Sketch your design before applying any tiles. First create your design idea, and then sketch a true-to-life design. If you’re not sure if you want to try a design or not, you can try cutting the shapes of the tiles out of paper and taping them up to get a feel for the design. This will eliminate waste of the mirror tiles and later frustrations.
  • Create a chalk outline on the wall before adhering any form of tiles to the backsplash. Follow these outlines to avoid error and unevenness.
  • Mirror tiles (especially when glued rather than taped) are hard to remove or re-adjust once set. If adjusts need to be made during installation, be sure to do so immediately before glue dries and sets.
  • Wear heavy-duty work gloves and safety glasses when cutting and installing mirror tiles to avoid injury from rough edges or shards.
  • Be sure of your design before gluing or using a strong adhesive, as removal may be tough and messy.

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