10 Project Ideas With Mirror Tiles

A mosaic of mirrored tiles.

Mirrors show us our reflections, but they can also be used to decorate, whether updating a bathroom or adding romance to a bedroom.

Mirror tiles are fun to use and can be purchased at most home improvement and craft stores. They are inexpensive, easy to work with, and are often boxed and ready to go. For any of these projects, apply the tiles with craft glue or a strong double-sided tape.

Kitchen Backsplash

Make your kitchen look bigger and brighter by adding rows of mirror tiles to your stove or sink backsplash area—the space directly behind the stove or sink in the kitchen. Besides looking pretty, they will bring reflected light into the kitchen.

Decorate the Garden

Adhere small tiles onto terracotta flower pots. Whether you keep the pots outside or in the garden, they will liven up the surrounding space and make the flowers even prettier.

Update Furniture

Adhere small mirror tiles onto an old bedroom dresser that has seen better days. You don't even need to strip the furniture of the paint, just attach the tiles where you want them. Your dresser will take on a new look in less than an hour of work.

Beauty in the Bath

Utilize mirror tiles behind the bathtub in your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, mirror tiles will open up the room and make it look twice the size.

Sky High

Attach large mirror tiles onto the ceiling of your bedroom, which will make the room look larger and brighter. When the sun enters through the windows, the entire room will shine.

Broken Pieces

Use broken pieces of mirror tiles embedded into cement to make a great table top for the outdoor patio. Use transparency paper to sketch a design or pattern first and place it over the tabletop. Then use it as a template when laying down tiles. Or, adhere the tiles randomly for a whimsical design.

Accessorize, Accessorize

Adorn old picture frames with mirror tiles to hang in your home or give away as gifts. This would be especially impressive on a larger-sized frame.

Illuminate Rooms

Use mirror tiles on walls behind displayed candles, which will illuminate the candle light. You can also adhere mirror tiles on a piece of plywood for a moveable work of art that goes wherever your candles are.

A Place for Pots

Create mosaic trivets for pots and pans in the kitchen by using a kit from a craft store or making your own mold. Lay the tiles on before the plaster dries.

Kitchen Adornments

Use mirror tiles to create a new placemat that will match any kitchen decor. You can do this by using the old placemat as a base. Your kitchen table will pop!

These 10 project ideas with mirror tiles are sure to spruce up your home. Happy decorating!