Mirror Wall Tiles with Rosettes: 5 Design Ideas Mirror Wall Tiles with Rosettes: 5 Design Ideas

Mirror wall tiles with rosettes can compliment many different rooms and different tastes. This type of wall tile can be purchased in different finishes and different sizes. They can come painted, antiqued or you can even find these wall tiles framed with rosettes in copper, nickel and brass tones. The tiles can be used as part of a heavy ostentatious house decor or they can compliment even the simplist and clean-lined rooms. Here are several suggestions on how to use your mirror wall tiles with rosettes.

In a Bathroom

These types of wall tiles should definitely be used as part of a bathroom decor. What is great about these types of wall tiles is that they can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes and designs. For a bathroom, try to purchase a mirror that fits with the sizing of your sink and your other fixtures in the room. The mirror should never extend too much farther out than your sink. You can purchase the wall tile mirror in different finishes and colors such as brass and brushed nickel. Most lighting and home improvement centers carry different types of this mirror for bathroom use.

In a Foyer

Pick out a sideboard for your foyer. Some foyers are large enough to accompany 2 side boards on either side of the hallway. In order to reflect light in what is usually a narrow space, you can use pretty mirrors flanked with a couple decorative lights or candles. Find a mirror wall tile that has rosettes for this purpose. You can mount the mirror above the side board, centered nicely from 1 side to the other.

As a Table Centerpiece

You can find small sizes of this type of mirror wall tile at many different home lighting and home accent stores. This makes a great centerpiece for any tabletop. Add candles and flowers and other pretty items to dress up this fine centerpiece.

As a Glass Table Top

How about creating your very own table top for a room? The raised attributes of this type of mirrored wall tile are perfect for a tabletop. All you need to do is craft 4 legs for the table and a support beam or system. The top of the table will become 1 or more of your mirrored tiles. Since you can purchase the mirror tile in different designs, colors and sizes, you are sure to find something that will fit in with your room's decor and style.

Part of A Canopy Bed

Use the mirrored wall tile as part of your canopy bed construction. It can be mounted at the head of the bed or it can be mounted near the top of the bed, where the fabric meets in the middle. It will add light and a little extra softness to the design of your room, around the flowery fabric and pretty canopy bed.


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