Mistakes to Avoid when Growing a Sycamore Tree

A sycamore tree is one of those trees that has the power to transform your landscape from dull to amazing. They are a large deciduous tree that can grow over 100 feet tall and have a canopy spread of over 60 feet wide. This great looking tree will add a great area of shade and foliage to your garden, or backyard seating.

There are several varieties of sycamore trees in the U.S., and around the world. These trees have many great attributes to them, but also need to have a lot of care and considerations when growing them in your yard. Here are some mistakes to avoid when growing a sycamore tree in your yard.

Sycamore Trees Grow Very Large

As already stated, the sycamore tree will grow to very large heights. When planting a sycamore tree you must make sure that there is nothing in the way. When you first plant the tree there might not be any problems. It is not then that you will see it. Once the tree begins to grow up to 100 feet in height is when you see the problem. Avoid planting the sycamore near any buildings, roads, or power lines. They will quickly outgrow these areas and cause problems.

Sycamore Trees Provide Wide Shady Areas

Very few things look better in a garden than a beautiful shady area with lots of colorful flowers. However, you must avoid planting a lot of sun loving flowers under a sycamore tree. They will grow to provide a large canopy that will cast a shade for a wide area. Make sure you know what the tolerance of the flowers are before you plant the tree near them.

Sycamore Trees Can Have Unexpected Growth

Some species of sycamore trees can grow limbs that unexpectedly change direction. They can have a lot of drooping angles and turns. This can cause problems with surrounding areas if they have been planted too close to buildings.

Sycamore Trees Need Fresh Air

One of the big mistakes people make is trying to grow sycamores in city areas. While they might do well in these areas, they will thrive more in fresh air.

Sycamore Trees Have Large Root System

There is a saying about trees. There is a lot more to them than what you see. Under the ground there is a whole system of roots that are almost as large as the main tree. If you know that your sycamore is going to be 100 feet tall, then the root system is going to be almost as large. The spread of the roots are also going to cover a large area. This can cause problems with underground pipes, sidewalks, pools, and other items in, or around the ground. Before planting your sycamore make sure to plan well in advance.

Sycamore Trees Need Care

Sycamore trees are predominantly care free. However, if you notice that the leaves are curling, or that they have fewer new buds, there is a problem with insects, or disease. Treat your sycamore and protect it from any infestation each spring.