Mistakes To Avoid When Hanging Your Kitchen Valances

There are several mistakes to avoid when hanging your kitchen valances. Here are a few tips to follow.


Fabric Design

You want to make sure the fabric pattern you choose is not overly busy contrasting with the kitchen décor or standing out as a visual distraction.  It is a good idea to always match your valance with the curtains hung. However, if topping window blinds, use a fabric similar to something else in the kitchen area. Choose a fabric design that matches the kitchen décor theme as well.


Fabric Material

Choose the same fabric as the curtains over which you want to hang the valance. Using very heavy material over a light voile type of fabric will definitely clash.



One of the most egregious mistakes when it comes to selecting a kitchen valance is choosing the wrong style. No matter how much you would like to portray an elegant look, kitchens just do not evoke a formal mood. Select something light in both fabric and color to go along with a less formal look.



Although the width of the hanging rod is your starting point for measuring your kitchen valance, the depth chosen is an important factor. You want the valance size to be proportionate to the window as well as the curtains, if any, that are hung. A tiny valance that is very short will look just as out of place as one too long.

A good tip is to never hanging the valance too low. Make sure it hangs no lower  than 1/3 of the window.