Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Roll Up Screen Door

It’s easy to install an aluminum roll up screen door if you avoid some common mistakes. First, don’t just measure the width of the door once; many doors are out of square, especially in older houses. Measure at the top, the middle and the bottom of the door and use the smallest width. If the door is out of square by more than ¼ of an inch, you probably will have to build up a side jamb. Check with the manufacturer.

Clips and Hooks

The two mounting clips are installed at the top. Make sure the curved part faces out, and that the clips are at the same height or the screen will not roll up correctly. With a hacksaw, cut the aluminum housing 1/8 of an inch less than the width and re-install the end cap. Measure from the threshold to the bottom of the housing and cut the side tracks. Screw the tracks to the side casings. If the tracks are not aligned, the door won’t work. Install hold down hooks to the bottom, again with the curved part set to accept the bottom bar of the screen. You can adjust the tension by winding the spring inside the housing.