Mistakes to Avoid When Laying Outdoor Carpet Tiles Mistakes to Avoid When Laying Outdoor Carpet Tiles

The process of laying outdoor carpet tiles is not overly difficult, and it is an effective way of giving a facelift to your outdoor floor. However it is important that you know how to best go about it. Here are a few commonly made mistakes that you should be sure to avoid committing, so as to achieve a satisfactory result.

Not Preparing the Floor Properly Beforehand

It is crucial to clean the floor well. Failure to do so will cause the carpet tiles not to be attached that well.

Not Marking

It is best to make chalk markings on the floor, so as to have a guidance of where to place the tiles. This will also ensure a neater result as you will be less prone to make mistakes in placement.

Using too Little Adhesive

If you do not use enough adhesive on the back of the carpet tiles, and on the floor itself, the tiles will likely not adhere well.

The Positioning

A common mistake is the way the carpet tiles are positioned. In order to achieve a neat and satisfactory result, you need to place them in such a way that the carpet fibers are in the same direction. Otherwise you will not have a seamless and continuous result. Usually you will have guidance arrows on the backside of the tiles to help determine the proper direction.

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