Miter Box Miter Box

A miter box is a box used to make manual miter edges in woodworking. It is used in place of a powered miter saw. Most commonly, a tenon saw, or backsaw, is used to make the miter cut because it gives a more precise cut.

The Miter Box Explained

The miter box is typically a three-sided box with openings at the top and the ends. It is made wide enough to fit the pieces of wood that are to be mitered.  Slots are cut into the walled sides of the miter box at the specific angles to be created, most typically at 45°. 

The wood to be mitered is placed in the miter box. Then the backsaw is placed in the slots and sawed back and forth to create the mitered edge. If an even more precise cut is needed, the mitered wood can be put on a shooting board for fine-tuning.

Traditionally, miter boxes are made of wood. Some have metal-reinforced slots to prevent wear on the box. Now, miter boxes are available in aluminum or plaster. Hand-making a miter box out of scrap wood is still the best way for someone to make an oddly-shaped angled cut without using special materials.

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