Mixing Grout for Concrete Application Mixing Grout for Concrete Application

What You'll Need
Grout mix
Mixing tool

Mixing grout for concrete application is an important aspect of the job. There is a right, and a wrong, way to mix the grout so that it does its job effectively. If a little attention to detail is given this is an easy task that will require a few minutes to achieve.

    Step 1: Pour the Grout Powder

    Decide how much grout that you will need to complete the job, add a little more just to be safe, and then measure the exact amount needed according to the directions on the back of the grout package. Pour this into a bucket. If there are any large chunks of powder, break them apart before adding water.

    Step 2: Add Water

    Add water according to the directions, otherwise pour a small amount of water in at a time and then mix. Continue these steps until the correct consistency is achieved. The correctly mixed grout should appear to be similar to creamy peanut butter, with no lumps or clumps of powder. Also make sure that the mixture is not too runny. It should be pasty and smooth. If you need to add some more water to thin it down, or more powder to thicken it up, then do so until the right consistency is achieved.

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