Mixing Grout for Tile Floors Mixing Grout for Tile Floors

What You'll Need
Mixing tool
Non-stick additive

Mixing grout properly is crucial. It is important that you use the right method so as to achieve the best consistency. This can make or break your tile laying project. Let us outline the main steps involved in mixing grout successfully.

Step 1 - Determining the Amount Required

Determine how much grout you need. This will obviously depend on the amount of tile you have to install. It is important to make a good estimate because if you mix too much grout you will end up throwing it away, as in a relatively small period of time it will end up hardening. Use a container that is large enough to retain the grout and the water you will add.

Step 2 - Pouring the Grout and Water

Pour grout into the container. Then, by following the instructions on the packaging, start adding water accordingly.

Step 3 - Mixing

Using a mixing tool, such as a margin trowl, start to mix the grout and the water together until you achieved the required consistency. You should have a smooth mixture, which is neither too thick nor too thin. You may need to add more grout or more water accordingly in the process.

Step 4 - Adding a Non-Stick Additive

It is suggested that you add some non-stick adhesive to the mixture. This will help to reduce the stickiness of the mixture, and it will reduce your cleaning up as it won't stick so much to the tiles' surface.

Step 5 - Allowing to Set

Make sure to allow some time for the grout to set well before starting to apply it. Usually 10 to 15 minutes time is enough.

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