Mobile RV Repair: Adjusting Tank Fittings

Before you head out on your big camping trip next summer, make sure you study up on the basics of mobile RV repair. Nothing is worse than having your appreciation of the sunrise at the Grand Canyon ruined by a broken fan, or a quiet night in the woods disturbed by a leaking sewage tank. Yes, there are many aspects of RV repair that you should study up on, but this article is going to focus on one aspect that seems extremely basic, but is essential: learning about adjustable fittings. The fittings are the poles, hooks and other gadgets that secure tanks to your RV, including your water tank, propane tank and wastewater tank. Clearly, they’re absolutely essential to your RV, and it’s important to ensure that they’re flexible and can be adjusted based on your needs. As time passes and you conduct repairs on various tanks and parts of the RV, you may find that you need to shift and move things around, or install a new piece of equipment on the old fittings. Keep reading the following handy hints to learn about adjusting mobile RV fittings.

Tip 1 - Use Gasketed Fittings

The only way to be able to adjust your RV fittings is to buy fittings that are adjustable, in the first place. Go to your local RV store and look for gasketed fittings with neoprene twist inserts. These are inexpensive and readily available screw-on fittings that are very easily installed and then removed. To install them, all you have to do is stick one end into one of the holes in a given tank, and then screw in the other end to the appropriate pipe or part of the RV until it’s secure. If you need to adjust the fitting, then you just unscrew it, move it, and screw it back in.

Tip 2 - Use a Compression-Type Fitting

Compression-type fittings are similar to the gasket fittings, but are more expensive. However, you get more bang for your buck, because they last longer and are stronger than the cheaper gasket fitting. The compression-type fitting consists of a large ring of vinyl, that sort of looks like the brass compression fittings you might see on a water line.

Tip 3 - Try a Slip-Type Tank Fitting

Another type of tank fitting that you can use on your moble RV for maximum flexibility is the slip-type tank fitting. Available at most large RV supply stores or through RV supply catalogs, the slip fitting allows you to easily adjust the position of the fitting by raising or lowering its position via a chain. Thus, with this gadget, if you are replacing a tank, or need to shift a tank for either aesthetic or practical purposes, then you can quickly and easily adjust the tank fitting accordingly. They are also easy to install and remove should you wish to change the location of the tank entirely.