Modern and Contemporary Headboard Ideas Modern and Contemporary Headboard Ideas

If you are toying with the idea of upgrading your bedroom to give it a more modern and contemporary look, but you don’t want to go for a whole makeover, here are some headboard ideas that will give a new eye-catching focal point to your room without being too expensive or excessively time consuming.

Paintings or Pictures

If you have a favorite framed painting or a set of smaller ones that can cover most of the width of the bed, or a series of family photos preferably in identical frames, you can create your own exclusive gallery which will add a touch of color and brighten up the whole room. You can create your own paintings if you are so inclined. Go for modern abstract or minimalistic art and bright colors. Make sure that when hung, they are lighted properly for the best effect.

Simple Headboard

If you are handy with tools, buy a piece of wood and create your own wooden headboard which you can paint in the same color as the rest of the furniture; or you can try a contrasting color and add a border of the same color as the furniture. This way, there will be a unity with the rest of the room. You can also stencil in a design in geometrical shapes for a modern look.

Covered Headboard

You can cover your headboard with material that matches your curtains and the rest of any upholstery you may have in the room. This would look great and create a contemporary look, and even more so if the material you already have in the room has a modern colorful design.

Double Duty

Your headboard can also double as a shelving unit set against a background of an elegant wooden blinds painted a color of your choice. You can fix several small glass shelves which can hold knick knacks, books, CD’s, and anything you fancy. The shelves are set to the extreme sides whilst the middle portion is left free to avoid the danger of something falling over and hitting you.

You can also use small bookshelves put against the wall to the side of the bed. You can decorate the middle area with fancy material of your choice stretched onto a light wooden board and glued to the wall. These book shelves will hold no end of things because they will also double as side tables.

Wrought Iron Headboard

A wrought iron railing which you might find in flea markets or antique shops makes a stunning elegant backdrop to you bed. It just has to be of the right height and width and put behind your bed. There is no hanging or other hassle because your bed will hold it in place. You can also have it custom made.

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