Modern Bathroom Lighting Options


When building a residential bathroom, you have many modern bathroom lighting options. Light sources in a bathroom can take many different forms, each of which provides specific types of illumination that complement certain design choices in the room. Knowing about all of the options that are available helps homeowners make the best choices about the bathroom's interior design.

Three Common Types of Modern Bathroom Lighting

Home lighting experts often refer to 3 common types of lighting for modern bathrooms, which are ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting creates a warm atmosphere for the room. Task lighting is focused on specific areas, such as the sink or shower. For example, shower-specific lighting is often a demand for large bathrooms with extensive shower or Jacuzzi setups. Accent lighting is less functional and often operates principally as a decorative element.

Recessed or Hanging Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling lights often complement modern bathroom designs. Recessed lighting is unobtrusive. Another kind of ceiling lighting is pendant lighting. These lights hang down into an area of the bathroom. Although they may be more obstructive, some homeowners consider them an optimal design choice, especially when they contain decorative chains and other features to complement the style of the bathroom.

Regular Lights, CFLs, and LEDs

Homeowners also have several choices when it comes to choosing light bulbs. Many choose traditional incandescent light bulbs. Other bathroom fixtures can use new CFL lights. Gas vapor based CFL lights allow for longer bulb life and less energy consumption, also decreasing the risk of fire. Another low-risk, low-energy lighting is LED lighting. This kind of electrical lighting is also a popular choice for modern bathrooms.

Shielded Lighting

Some modern home bathrooms take their cue from corporate and commercial restrooms with wall-mounted shielded lights. These light fixtures move light through a shield, which can be made of granite, steel, or other materials. The shields provide light generation in specific shapes and directions. This kind of lighting is often considered accent lighting. Using shielded lights can focus attention toward desirable design aspects and away from less appealing areas of the room.

Think of all of the aforementioned options when considering modern lighting choices for a bathroom renovation or upgrade. Choose lights that complement the color scheme and existing design of the room to optimize the changes made to the bathroom in order to make it a more lively, modern, and appealing space.