Modern Cornice Design Ideas

Modern cornice designs can help you beautify your home. There are so many ways by which the cornice can be designed and the house can be made to look beautiful and that too without having to spend any extra money on an interior decorator. Cornice board can be used to add depth to the windows or to change the focus of the room. You can design it in various different ways to suit your personality and your room. Let’s see some of the ideas how you can design your own modern cornice.

Tools You Need

  • A cornice board which could me made from plywood, Styrofoam, wood or foam.
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric to cover the cornice board
  • Kit with which you would like to decorate your cornice board

Make Your Own Shapes

You can design your own cornice by just using one different shape rather than the customary box-shaped patterns. If you are designing your child’s room, try using a cornice that looks like the face of a cartoon. Your child would love it. You can also choose to use car designs, balloon designs, star designs, or any other designs that appeals to you or your family. Be free to be creative. This can be the outlet for your hidden talent that you’ve been craving.

Paint Your Cornices

You can also paint the modern cornice with some designs or patterns that you choose. It can be some themes that you can connect with for your room. This is a great way to express yourself, not only for your child but for your personal bedroom also.

Accessorize Your Cornices

You can also cover the cornice with a fabric of your choice and make it look more attractive by applying different patterns on it or sewing in some designs or pasting some beads or belts on it. Note that since this is far above your eye level, the beads or accessories must be big enough to be eye-catching.

Exterior Window Cornice

You can get a wrought iron cornice for putting over the exterior window. In this case, it is important that the cornice must be primed on all the sides so that it is sufficiently protected from the elements.

Wooden Cornices as Storage Racks

Wooden cornices can be useful in the kitchen as well as in the dining room as racks. Not only will they solve the purpose of storage, they will also make the room look very bright and attractive. They can be put on the wall using L-brackets which will join the top as well as the sides of the cornice. It is important to make sure that the cornice is fixed properly with the help of screws.

There are so many ways in which you can design a cornice to give it a modern look and to give any room, any window, a special look. It only depends on your imagination as to how that will come about.