Modern Furniture That Will Stay In Style Modern Furniture That Will Stay In Style

There are many types of modern furniture from mid-century modern to Swedish designs, becoming increasingly more popular worldwide.  While it's difficult to define modern furniture, it's typically characterized by incorporating geometric simplicity and with industrial metals and plastics. While many believe modern furniture is a present trend that will inevitably die, the modern revolution of design began decades ago and has continued to flourish.

Where Did Modern Furniture Originate?

Modern furniture came from Modernism, which was a cultural movement. Previous to the movement, furniture was ornate and valued based on the time it took to be built. This changed when in the early 20th century, when furniture design began to focus on functional, yet chic, designs.

Popular Designs

A popular design that arose from this time was the Model B3 chair, also known as the Wassily Chair. It was designed to look as though the geometric shapes were floating. It was constructed out of steel canvas and leather straps.

Noguchi coffee table is possibly one of the most desired modern furniture pieces. Its design is simple and unique yet functional.

Finally, the side table by Eileen Gray was actually designed for personal use. The piece was asymmetric and  did not conform with the traditional past.

An idea that is born and rendered that breaks the mold of traditional can be classified as modern. Modern furniture will continue to press the boundaries of sleek and useable furniture.

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