Modern Garage Doors: Installation Instructions Modern Garage Doors: Installation Instructions

Modern garage doors don’t have to be hard to install. If you have DIY experience then following a few steps will help you have your garage doors in and working in no time. Always keep in mind the following so that the installation process goes smoothly. 


If your garage door has a torsion spring, you may be better off getting someone to install it for you professionally. There is a lot of force behind this type of spring and it is very dangerous to work with. If it snapped on you, you could be severely injured.

Follow the instructions

The best advice for installing modern garage doors is to follow the manufacturer’s instruction precisely when assembling your tracking and installing the actual door. By taking just one short cut in the directions, you could end up not only having to start over, but damaging your car, the garage door, or yourself.

It Takes Two

Modern garage doors are heavy. Before starting to install your doors, make sure that you have at least one extra pair of hands to help you with the lifting.  It is very hard to lift and hold a garage door in place while attaching nuts and bolts.

Take Your Time

When installing your garage door take your time: this will prevent accidents and insure that you are instaling it correctly.

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