Modern House Pallette Color Combinations Modern House Pallette Color Combinations

A modern house palette color combination includes bold, bright colors and soft colors as well. The modern palette that is available for a modern house is as limitless as the imagination of the home owner. Your preferences for a color palette will dictate the colors that are used for your modern home. Limiting yourself to a “so-called” modern color scheme is limiting and myopic in terms of what the potential colors that can be included in the home can be. This article will discuss color palettes in generalities. The specific palettes that may be included in a modern home is a personal discussion that the home owner should have with the home designer.

The Use of Bold Colors

Reds, blues, greens and other primary colors are being used more and more in modern homes. What may seem strong and overwhelming for some individuals as use in the color palette may be more than suitable for the preference of some other modern homeowner. The color palette that can be built off of a brilliant red or green is endless since gradients and shades can be built off of the primary color. It is up to the tastes of the home owner to determine the best color palette for their home.

Variations of Various Colors

Because a modern home is not limited in its use of a primary and secondary color, a modern home can feature a color palette that uses more than one color. The creativity of the home owner will help the home designer find the appropriate variations of different colors to create their color palette. This could include mixing blues and greens with yellows and grays and other colors that can be included. Again, the individual’s taste will determine the color palette and dictate how the home will look.

In choosing variations on different colors, you should not be afraid to go outside the box in mixing different color types to create a palette that is right for your modern home. This means being bold in your choices and selections to create the desired look for your home, without regard to any standard or so-called standard.

Choosing a Color Palette

In choosing a color palette for a modern home you should begin by looking at swatches of different colors that are favorites. The swatches should form the basis for the color palette and create the foundation for the colors used in the home. Once the foundation for the color palette has been chosen, the combinations and variations that form the color palette can evolve naturally.

A modern home owner can rely on the resources of an interior designer to review different palettes that are available for the modern home. The interior designer can also provide helpful hints and advice to focus the home owner on the selection of the color palette that is the most suitable for the modern home. 

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