Modern Ideas for Wedding Table Decorations Modern Ideas for Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding table decorations are generally the focal point of a wedding reception. Although there is much thought that goes into the actual wedding ceremony, and all eyes are on the bride and groom, the reception is where the guests will spend most of their time. For that reason, beautifully and elegantly decorated tables are necessary to put everyone in the mood for a celebration they will not forget.


When it comes to wedding table decorations, we start with the cloth, which should be plain and perhaps in some traditional colors. The tablecloth is then topped with runners, doilies for texture, color and more detail. The colors laid on the table should be coordinated to the wedding colors, i.e. with the bride’s bouquet or the gown’s of the bridesmaids. This produces a sort of eye pleasing bridge from the ceremony to the reception.

Choose fabrics that do not slide if you are going to layer different cloths. Be sure when you are layering that you do not put too many layers down, as this will take away from the elegant look that you want. When you have decorated one table, look at it carefully to be sure that it is what you want before you decorate all of the other tables.

If you do not have access to overlays and runners, then use napkins. Be sure they coordinate with the table decorations.


At most wedding receptions, the guests are seated on all sides of the table. The only tables that are open on one side are the head table and the sweet table with the cake on it. These tables may be the most photographed throughout the evening and they should be decorated with the utmost care. The edges of these tables can be decorated with lights that twinkle, flower garlands, or a fabric can be draped around the edge. 

If you are going to use twinkle lights as a decoration, be sure the wire is white and not green. Before you decorate the table, test the lights to make sure they are working. To conceal the wires, drape a netting type of fabric and ribbon or flower garlands at the edge of the table but be careful not to wrap too close or too tight around the light so as not to create a fire hazard.

Centerpieces and Other Decorations

Traditional centerpieces, such as flowers and candles, are still a favorite although some non traditional centerpieces add a little whimsy to the table, i.e. a pineapple surrounded by yellow tea lights. Other decorations that can be used are ferns, various greenery, balloons, feathers, floral bouquets, and rose petals.

There is no end of what can be used and all you need is a theme. Is this a traditional wedding, a beach wedding, or something else? Your wedding table decorations should reflect that mood. Just keep in mind that whether it is traditional, classic or modern, it should always be creative and elegant.

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