Modern Staircases for Older Homes Modern Staircases for Older Homes

A modern staircase may nowadays be present even in an ?oold house, since there are really no limits to creativity in contemporary home design. Staircases are an integral part of many a household, since any building with multiple stories needs one, and therefore various types of staircases have been developed to suit a range of tastes.

Straight Staircase

The traditional straight staircase is a timeless household piece. The majority of houses worldwide have these sorts of staircases, since they have been around for ages and are also relatively easy to install. While straight staircases are usually a single structure, there are also L-shaped ones, which lead from one flight to the next.

Spiral Staircase

If you have a limited amount of space, a spiral staircase could be the most practical solution. In fact, a spiral staircase may be located in the very corner of a room, rising straight up. This type of staircase is especially selected by people who want an easy access to their attic, since it only needs a small amount of floor space and does not cut across any rooms.

Freestanding Staircase

A modern staircase which guarantees a truly unique look is the freestanding staircase. This sort of staircase is usually located in the middle of a room, since as the name implies it is not attached to a wall. The impression one gets from such a staircase is that the stairs are floating in mid air, something which sets this type staircase quite apart from any other type. However, it is worth mentioning that what this staircase has in originality, it lacks in practicability. In fact, it can be quite dangerous to install a freestanding staircase in a home containing young children.

Single Open-under Staircase

This staircase is very similar to a freestanding one, but is actually attached to one wall. As such, this sort of staircase has one side which gives the impression of floating stairs. Apart from looking good, single open-under staircases also give the feeling that there is more space than there actually is, and therefore they are quite popular in small houses.

Circular Staircase

A circular staircase may be classified as the elder relative of today's spiral staircase. Indeed, circular staircases are usually to be found in old properties and buildings such as lighthouses. Their very structure makes them quite difficult to fully integrate in a house; so many people opt for a spiral staircase instead.

Apart from the type of staircase, it would be worthwhile to note the material of the staircase. The most common is definitely timber, which may incorporate different woods. Timber staircases are usually covered with a carpet to protect the material. A more modern alternative to timber is a mixture of steel and glass. In this case, the material gives a touch of modernism to your home, not to mention that particular sense of space which freestanding staircases incorporate. Do not let your old property inhibit you from enjoying a modern staircase. As you can see, there is a variety of modern staircases which look just as good in a modern house as they do in a traditional building.

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