Modifying a Shower Pan Liner for a Handicapped Bathroom

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Modifying a shower pan liner for handicap access will give a handicapped person much greater freedom and privacy when they want to take a shower. The shower pan liner is the part of the shower assembly that holds the water inside so that it does not leak onto the floor. There are several modifications that you can do for this liner to accommodate a handicapped person. If you find yourself with the need to modify the shower pan liner, here are some ways to do that.

Reuse Materials As Much As Possible

One of the trends today when doing any type of remodeling is to do it as green as possible. This means trying to keep materials out of the landfill and using non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. When modifying the shower pan liner, you should try to reuse some of the materials you already have. This can mean tiles, fiberboard, or even the shower door.

Modify with a Ramp

The most popular way to modify a shower pan liner is to use a ramp for wheelchair access. To do this, you will have to do some structural modification to the shower pan, but will only be limited to the size of the ramp. The ramp does need to be on both sides of the shower pan liner for ease of entrance and exit.

Install Rubber Liner

An easy way to modify the shower pan liner is to simply install a rubber liner onto the surface of the pan. This rubber liner serves a great purpose in creating a slip-free surface. The rubber liners are installed with a non-toxic type of glue that will hold it to the surface, but not emit any NOC's into the air. The rubber liner is important to people who are confined to a wheelchair or need a shower chair. The non-slip surface will ensure a very low chance of falling or sliding.

Seal Tiles for Added Strength

When someone uses a wheelchair in a shower pan liner, it is going to put a lot of stress on the tiles. Before finishing any modification on the shower pan liner, you should always seal the tiles. This will not only add strength to the tiles, but also protect them from water and soap.

Add Another Drain

Most of the time, there is one drain in the middle of the shower pan liner. However, when a handicapped person uses the shower, there should not be any standing water. Install a second drain so that there is a better chance of removing all of the water and soap from the bottom of the shower.

Install Automatic Door

An automatic shower door will help anyone who has restricted movement. In order to add this type of door, the shower pan liner will need to be modified a little to receive the door. Cutting the lip of the pan liner so the door will be flush with the door is a simple process. It is important to make sure that you extend the liner to the floor to keep the bathroom floor covering free from water and rot.