Modular Corner Desk Organizational Add-Ons Modular Corner Desk Organizational Add-Ons

The great thing about a modular corner desk is that you start with a basic desk and you can add on elements that you need as you need them. You can build your perfect workspace while eliminating anything that you don’t need or won’t use. Here is a quick run down of some of the more common add-ons for a modular corner desk or modular corner table.

Book Shelves

Book shelves are a great add on to any modular corner desk. Depending on the style of desk, you can get bookshelves that sit on top of the desk or fit in nicely along side. If you don’t have a lot of books or reference materials that you need stored, you can simply add a single book shelf. But if you have a lot of different books, papers and reference materials that you need to have on hand, then you can add several book shelves to your modular corner desk.

If you have a modular corner table, you can add book shelves to create a comfortable reading area away from your general work space. This would be a great place to step away from your computer to do some research or lighter reading.

CPU Stand

If you have a computer on your modular corner desk, then odds are you need somewhere to put your CPU tower. A CPU stand is a basic add on component and will either sit next to your desk, or underneath it, depending on the look you are going for and the space available to you.

Filing Cabinet

If your home office tends to gather a lot of paper, a neat and quick solution is to add a filing cabinet to your modular corner desk. This add-on sits on the floor next to your desk. If you are using a small filing cabinet, then there may be room underneath your desk for it. A filing cabinet not only keeps your papers organized, but it can help your home office look neat and tidy.

Storage Area

While adding bookshelves to your modular corner desk will give you added storage space, you can also get smaller storage shelving units that sits on your desk next to your computer monitor. These storage units usually have small compartments for office supplies and specifically built in sections to store CDs and DVDs.

Side Table

If you find that you do not have enough surface space with your modular corner desk you can add a modular corner table. These side tables add to your usable surface area and give you not only added desk top to spread out papers, but you can add an extra computer or laptop, if needed. Plus, it can create a separate work space for reading, drawing or drafting. 

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