Modular Office Furniture Placement Ideas Modular Office Furniture Placement Ideas

Modular office furniture gives you lots of choices about how to arrange an office. Since modular office furniture is made to be flexible and easy to fit together, it’s simple to arrange an office so that you have maximum room efficiency. Still, good furniture arrangement principles should be used when arranging modular office furniture.

Think of the Room’s Flow

Arrange the modular units in clusters to use the space most efficiently. Although you can purchase furniture with a cubicle feel, it is also possible to find office furniture that is open and more welcoming, but still comes in modular units that are easy to add to or remove from the group.

Try to have the desks face other workers on one side, but offer some privacy on the other. Grouping modular work spaces together is the most efficient way of arranging office furniture, but be sure to leave open pathways to the common work areas like conference rooms, break rooms, and copy machines.

Use the Exterior Walls

If you have to wander through the modular office furniture as you walk through a room, you should rearrange. If the furniture clusters are mostly around the edges so that walking through the room is easier, it will be a more relaxed and less tense atmosphere.

You can also put things like a water cooler or copy machine in a central area so that the eye notices it first upon entering the room.  Seeing this, instead of a cluster of desks, can evoke a calmer feeling.

Individual Offices

Modular office furniture also comes in groups for individual offices as well. It’s simple to add vertical files, desks, credenzas, and tables when you start with a modular system.

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