More Techniques for Using a Plumb Line

Using a plumb line is an essential necessity for the "do it yourself" enthusiast. Here are a few techniques for handling this job.

Determining Where The Wall Decorations Will Go

When hanging wallpaper it is important to decide where the straight lines will go and the plumb line can help with this issue. Usually wallpaper will be away from doorways or corners. The plumb line can be used for height measurements with the assistance of a mearsuring tape.

Tools Used To Assist The Plumb Line

A plumb bob and chalk box can also assist in the hanging of wall decorations. It is also important to have a pencil handy to mark points and a measuring tape to determine sizes.

Marking Spots With The Plumb Line

By standing on a stool an individual can hold the plumb line against the wall where it meets the ceiling. People can make a determination of the length by letting the line hang free. Next by pulling the string or plumb bob tight and holding it against the bottom of the wall, the final measurements will be determined. After this, mark the spot and let the plumb line snap back into place. The plumb line will leave a chalk mark on the wall which is where the wall decoration will be placed.