Mortar Mixer Operation Techniques Mortar Mixer Operation Techniques

Using a mortar mixer is becoming very popular in modern building and home design. It’s an easy way to mix the mortar to a consistent standard without all the sweat it would take to mix it by hand. Here are a few tips on using a mortar mixer in your project.

What Is a Mortar Mixer?

A mortar mixer is a machine with a revolving drum that is designed to mix the mortar uniformly for the right consistency. You can also find non-electric hand mixers that require more work on your end, but can save you money in the long run. You can generally rent them for short-term projects.

Read Directions

With any kind of equipment you need to read through the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Even though all mixers will achieve the same goal, their operation may differ from one model to another.

Starting It Up

Always set the mixer on a level surface to ensure even mixing. You will want to start the mixer when it is emply and then add dry mix followed by the water. Add the water slowly until the consistency is right for your project. Adding too much water can ruin the batch. Electric mixers must be grounded properly prior to operation. This is an extremely important safety precaution since you are working with both wet and dry materials.

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