Mortise-and-Tenon Joint Mortise-and-Tenon Joint

For any engineering student, the first day of carpentry classes would be fun as all of us would have had the thrill of cutting the mortise and tenon joint. Though we might not have known the purpose which the mortise and tenon joint caters, we would have had an idea how the cut is made.

Here are the details of not only how the joint is cut but also the purpose mortise and tenon joint fulfils. The main idea behind this joint is that one member is inserted into another member which has a hole cut in it exactly to the size and length of the previous member so that there is exact fit made.

Various Types of Mortise-and-tenon Joint:

We have many different kinds of Mortise-and-tenon joints because of the difference in the mortise and difference in tenon. The most popular mortise is the open mortise which only has three sides.

Next is the stub mortise, which is also known as suicide joint as it is merely a one way joint. A tenon is the piece is going to get inserted into the mortise to form the Mortise-and-tenon joint. Some types of tenon include: stub, through tenon, feather tenon, tusk and many more and all these different in the shape of the projection found.



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