Mosaic Backsplash Ideas: 8 Design Ideas

Homeowners today are searching for various mosaic backsplash ideas for their home for the purpose of beautification.  There are different types, styles, and designs that can satisfy one’s personality, including standard mosaic, mural mosaic, and “mix and match” mosaic backsplash. The standard mosaic is made by fitting small shaped tiles together with brick, herringbone and other varied patterns. Shapes such as square, circular and rectangular pieces are used for this type of mosaic. The standard mosaic uses one color in different tones, or in close-toned colors. Different colored tiles can also be fitted together like a puzzle to make an interesting work of art without painting the tile. The resulting mosaic is a magnificent work of art and can surely add class and sophistication to your kitchen; but this type of mosaic can require a lot of time, creativity and skill. You may require the help of an artistic and talented tile layer. Pre-maid mosaic backsplashes murals are also available in the market today. These pre-made backsplashes can be laid into the wall as an entire piece already, though are less unique. As the name suggests, 'mix and match' mosaics literally mix and match different sizes, textures, finishes, shapes and colors. The result will be a complete work of art that’s completely original. Besides these options, there are numerous design ideas for mosaic backsplashes, including 3-D Collage, Press Tin Tiles, Geometric Glass Tiles, Mirrored Backsplashes, Natural Stone, Plate Glass and Glass block.

3-D Collage

This style is fun and easy to do as you embed objects right into the backsplash of clear resin. The resulting collage is an interesting collage of household items.

Pressed Tin Tiles

Pressed tin tiles style is a chic idea for an original backsplash. This makes use of old tin tiles transformed into different shapes and symbols. With some creativity, you can turn the tiles into eye-catching pressings.

Geometric Glass Tiles

Geometric glass tiles are made by making use of different colors and textures and creating a “tetris”-type design.

Mirrored Backsplash

This style makes use of “thermo-foil”. These are small mirror pieces that are strong and are invulnerable from cracks, chipping or breakage.

Cartoon Backsplash

Some homeowners like a certain cartoon character and so they make a backsplash embodying that cartoon character.

Natural Stone

Natural stone makes use of marble, tumbled stone, and polished granite. These stones are as versatile as ceramic tile. 

Plate Glass Style

Plate glass style makes use of clear plate glass which can protect painted surfaces or add its own style. Pale green glass panels rooted in wire is one of the possibilities of this style. These are stainproof and easy to clean. Be wary of installing this type as installation can be very tricky.

Glass Block

This mosaic backsplash requires the use of a glass block. This backsplash requires major construction but once it’s finished, it is chic and easy to clean. In addition, it adds a lot of ambient light to the kitchen.