Most Cost-Effective Concrete Foundation Repair

If you find out that your concrete foundation is in need of repair, you will need to start looking into how to complete a concrete foundation repair. The smallest crack in the foundation can cause bigger issues later. A crack will get bigger over time, and there can be a possibility of water damage or even mold in the crack. It is always best to make sure that you get your concrete foundation repaired very quickly and, of course, to do it in the most cost effective manner possible. Your foundation is a very important part of your house, and left untreated, it could cause the entire destruction of your home.

Hiring a Professional

While you may think that getting a contractor to do the repair work is too expensive, in some cases, hiring a professional may actually be the most cost effective way to get the problem fixed. Oftentimes, the issue could be very severe, and if you do not know what you are doing, you could cause a bigger foundation problem and, consequently, a higher cost in the end.

Doing it Yourself

If money is an huge issue or you simply do not want to hire someone to do the work, it is possible to do it yourself. Keep in mind, however, that doing concrete foundation repair can be extremely difficult, even for the handiest of people. As a guideline, here are some best practices you should really take care to follow which will make the job easier for you and help keep costs down.

The Most Common Cause of Broken Concrete

Moisture intrusion is definitely problematic for concrete as it can make the foundation soft and weak, but the most common cause of foundation cracks is the movement of the soil underneath it. The soil shifts and causes a break in the concrete.  One of the best and most cost-effective ways of remedying this condition is to repair the concrete and then install deep piers into the soil to take the weight off of the foundation.

Repairing the Break

The way to easily and quickly repair the break in the concrete after the soil has shifted beneath it is to drill holes into the concrete slab and then using a portable pump and flexible hose, fill the holes with a special soil mixture that will even out and lift the concrete.  You can check with some local construction companies to find out more about the type of soil mixture and pump equipment you would need for the lifting. This technique is called mudjacking, and it is easy and cost-effective for several reasons: the soil mixture injected into the concrete provides a strong base for the foundation to rest on, and this type of work can be completed in any weather. Nothing needs to be moved off of the concrete, as the pump is strong enough to fill the holes and lift the concrete along with anything that is on top of it. Lastly, this a great inexpensive do-it-yourself method because there needn't be any major disruption of the surrounding landscape in order to complete the repairs.