Most Efficient Trench Drain Grates to Install

Trench drain grates are a vital feature in residential drainage systems. They enable surface waters to be channeled properly into the drainage system. With grates in place, large materials and debris will not find their way into the drainage system. This helps to keep the sewerage system from overload. Drain grates are an essential feature if you’re to maintain your landscape as well as drainage system. Various materials are used to make grates. Below are 5 of the most efficient drain grates you can install.


Fiberglass grates are some of the cheapest options for drain grates. However, they have a high efficacy. The grates work well both in low and high water flow situations. Fiberglass is lightweight which enables a wide variety of designs to be produced. The various designs enhance the flow of wastewaters into the drainage system. Not much maintenance is required for fiberglass grates. Fiberglass is also corrosion-resistant which adds to its durability.


Although aluminum is a light metal, aluminum drain grates have considerable strength and high efficacy. Aluminum drain grates are designed to yield high tensile strength. This gives them a high capacity to channel wastewaters. Strong water flow may cause aluminum grates to bend. However, even when strained aluminum grates don’t easily break. Aluminum grates are low maintenance. They also cost much less than most of the other metal grates.

Brass and Chrome  

Some of the most attractive grates on the market are made of brass and chrome. These grates are also amongst the most expensive. However, they address both functionality and aesthetics. The various designs enable you to beautify your home as you maintain your drainage system. Due to the highly resilient nature of these materials, brass and chrome grates rate highly in efficiency. They can handle powerful water flow repeatedly with no strains. This makes them ideal in areas that frequently receive heavy rainfall. Brass and chrome grates last several years. However, corrosion is one process that may spoil the beauty of these grates.

Cast Iron  

If you want affordable and efficient grates, cast iron makes a good choice. The tough nature of iron makes cast iron grates amongst the most efficient. They can handle powerful water flow without any strain. Cast iron grates are also some of the most durable varieties. Once installed, they remain in place for several years. Unfortunately, iron is susceptible to rust and corrosion. This calls for application of a protective coat on the grates. You may also paint to protect against rust and corrosion.


Steel drain grates rate highly in efficiency and durability. They can accommodate heavy loads and pressure with no adverse effects. This makes them suitable in areas that frequently receive downpours. Many steel drain grates incorporate the bar design which boosts efficiency as water is channeled. Stainless steel grates are also available. They channel wastewaters just as efficiently as ordinary steel grates. Like brass and chrome, stainless steel grates are a suitable choice where aesthetics is also a priority. The corrosion-resistance nature of stainless steel grates makes them suitable in areas close to the sea. Stainless steel grates cost more than ordinary steel grates. However, they have lower maintenance needs than ordinary steel.