Most Recommended Recording Studio Software

Reliable recording studio software programs allow you to create, edit and modify your music to suit your needs and preferences. The vast array of programs on the market today range from free to quite expensive and from easy to quite complex. You should have no trouble finding  recording studio software to suit your needs and budgets. Below are descriptions of some of the more popular programs of different complexity levels. These software tools will empower any music aficionado who cannot afford a professional studio to create professional level recordings at home.

Sonic Producer

Most users who have tried Sonic Producer will tell you that it is a very user friendly program, ideal for editing amateurs who are not quite familiar with the whole idea of music modifications. It also caters to savvy music producers as well, since they have more advanced expectations and need to handle things differently. The program has an online recording studio and allows you to play with different instruments and beats. Sonic Producer features a few video tutorials for those who are not familiar with the program yet, but wish to make the most out of it.

Cakewalk Sonar 5

The latest version of the renowned Cakewalk program offers its users a very important update and upgrade, with new powerful features and great quality. Many experts suggest that Cakewalk is among the best music production and recording studio available in the market today for those who want to have a powerful program with a comprehensive list of features useful to all music producers.


The Steinber Cubase program is among the top rated programs and most powerful software programs ever created. Regardless of the type of music production you usually work on, Cubase offers a wide range of features, basses, beats and musical instruments, loops and a wide array of settings that allow you to produce the result you have been longing for. Cubase is also considered one of the easiest sequencers to work with, allowing the user to work efficiently and effectively with different types of audio files and sources.

Emagic Logic

Emagic Logic is among the best sequencer software programs available in the market; it works on MAC only, since Emagic has stopped developing Logic for Windows and PC platforms. The program stands out due to its technical excellence and the great variety of features and settings that allow the user to be as playful and as creative he wants. The price of the program is also quite affordable—more advanced users can opt Logic Platinum that provides even higher quality and even more features.


Reason has been at the forefront of the musical modification and production, allowing artists of all levels of experience and creativity to add a professional touch to their music productions at home, without the known studio costs. Reason has an improved interface and an array of innovative and comprehensive tools that allow the user to create, modify, master and enhance music files, samples, individual sounds and patches, merging and transforming them all together. Reason comes with numerous sound effects and audio features, percussion tools and integrated sequencers for additional variety.