Mother's Day Gift Guide: Tools Every New Gardener Needs

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"Happy mother's day! Now start digging!" That might seem like an odd request for Mother's Day but if you want to get mom out in the garden you can help by presenting her with a package of 10 Tools Every Gardener Needs.

These are the essentials to start, cultivate and harvest in any garden. Whether your mom is a certified "green thumb" or just looking to her first gardening hobby then these gardening tools will make a wonderful present. (And yes, you can give these to mom any time of the year!).

Hand Trowel

Call this "mini-shovel." This is the hand-held small shovel used for digging holes and breaking up clumps of dirt. Great for working in a garden or in flowerpots. This should be a solid, one-piece trowel with a good grip. It will probably be the most used tool in mom's gardening basket.

Hand Rake

As handy as the mini-shovel this "mini-rake" has a short handle and three or more claw prongs. Think Wolverine if Wolverine took up gardening. The hand rake is used for breaking up dirt. It's also good for digging rows for planting.

A Hori-Hori

Replace the first two on the list with this one. Not only is a hori-hori a wonderful gardening tool it's also fun to say! This gardening knife of ancient design is a mainstay of the Japanese garden. It's great for slicing into thick roots. There is a smooth edge one side and a serrated edge on the other. And the blade has a scoop shape for easy digging in and moving soil. Easy to use and a popular item for many gardeners.


These are strong scissors (also known as loppers) that can snip through twigs and small branches. You'll need pruners for collecting flowers. You can also use pruners to shape small shrubs and plants otherwise known as topiary.


This doesn't have to be a heavy-duty road crew type of shovel but one made specifically for gardening. A bigger shovel like this is good for digging bigger holes. It will also come in handy if a compost pile is being formed and you need to move it around. That's not something you want to get close to!


Get a standard rake used for piling up leaves, grass and anything else that floats into the yard from on high.

Hose With Rain Wand

You want to avoid the dreaded "snake hose tangle." Get a durable hose with an easy wind up retractor. A rain wand is an attachment that lets you have more focus with the direction of the water spray. Great for feeding hanging baskets of plants or stretching across rows of veggies.


You might want to get mom a couple of pairs of gloves because these will get dirty, wet and worn out quickly. Try to get the right size (S, M or L) to make sure they have a good grip. Look for styles with nubs on the palms and fingers that enhance your grasp.


Wide brim is the way to go. This keeps the sun off the face and makes her look like the real deal.

Kneeling Pad

No matter how old you are, kneeling is not a comfortable activity. Why do you think they have all that padding in the pews? For the garden, there are some nifty kneeling pads that can be easily pulled along as you make your way down the planting line.

Naturally, you don't just want to drop off these tools without offering to spend some time in the garden with mom. Yes, you'll be hauling bags of sod, moving planters and generally doing all the heavy lifting, but what's wrong with that? Plus you'll get first dibs on the fresh grown produce! Don't forget to share pictures of all your garden successes. Happy planting!

(If Mom's a DIYer, but not a gardener, Check out this list of gifts.)