Motorcycle Air Filters

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There are basically three types of motorcycle air filters. Depending on the type of motorcycle you ride, one of the three will be on yours. Below you will find a break down of the three different types.

1. Oiled Foam Motorcycle Air Filters

These are very popular with the dirt bikes where the oil is used to filter. The foam only acts as the support or skeleton for the oil. For the filter to function properly you must oil the foam on the filter. To clean the filter, rinse it in the solvent several times and ring it out before drying.

2. Fabric Motorcycle Air Filters

These motorcycle air filters have a special surgical-like paper that is inside a meshed metal. Their functioning is excellent and let the air flow very well. The filter has special oil distributed by the makers. To clean them use soap and water, and then dry them before oiling. Good care prolongs their life.

3. Paper Motorcycle Air Filters

These motorcycle air filters are mostly used by the street motor bikes and work very well when new. Any wetness halts their function, although they regain it when they dry. To clean them, blow air through the vents or folded flaps.