Motorcycle Supercharger vs Turbocharger

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A motorcycle supercharger is similar in many respects to a motorcycle turbocharger. in fact, these 2 different systems perform essentially the same function for your bike. These systems are also virtually identical, in practical terms, at least, to those that help to boost the power of a standard size vehicle or a larger car as well. If you're trying to make the decision as to which of these two systems you should purchase in order to give your motorcycle additional power and strength while you're driving, read on for a brief rundown of how a supercharger and a turbocharger compare.

Motorcycle Supercharger

A motorcycle supercharger uses a mechanical driver to help to compress air for use in the engine of your motorcycle. By compressing air and then forcing it into the internal combustion engine of the bike, the supercharger increases the overall density of the air inside of the engine. As the density rises, the rate at which the engine can use the air to process the fuel that is coming from the intake system increases. The result is that the engine system itself becomes more powerful, although it does wear harder on the engine. Thus, with a supercharger, it's not a good idea to continue to use the supercharger function for a very long time and continuously on your motorcycle.

Superchargers use a mechanical system to help increase the density of the air that is forced into the engine. They are therefore somewhat large and can contribute to the overall size and weight of a motorcycle considerably. By adding to the size and weight of the bike, the supercharger undermines its own efforts somewhat, although the net result is still a massive gain in power and speed.

Motorcycle Turbocharger

A turbocharger serves precisely the same function as a supercharger. By pumping the engine full of higher density air, the turbocharger helps to increase the rate at which fuel is processed, thereby augmenting the overall power and speed of the motorcycle engine itself. The turbocharger differs from a supercharger in one critical way, however; in a turbocharger system, the gas is compressed by means of a turbine system that is powered by the exhaust pressure from the motorcycle. This requires less energy to be spent and means that the turbocharger can be a smaller device and lighter too. The result is that it is able to provide even more of a boost to the motorcycle than a supercharger can.

Both superchargers and turbochargers serve a similar function. However, the cost of these two devices is different, as is the overall result that they produce. Generally, turbochargers are more successful than superchargers, but they also cost more. For more information about specific systems and to answer your questions about installing a turbocharger or a supercharger on your motorcycle, consult with a professional at an auto repair shop or a motorcycle specialty store today.