Motorized Vertical Blinds: Pros and Cons

Motorized vertical blinds can make an attractive addition to a home. They are suitable for any room and can be designed and made to fit any specific window. Motorized vertical blinds are a smart alternative to manual blinds and reduce the hassle of closing them all individually each night.

Pro’s of Motorized Vertical Blinds

The motorized version of a set of blinds is far less time consuming, especially if there are large amounts of windows in the home. At the push of a button your blinds will adjust, open or close themselves without you having to pull a string or twist a long stick to adjust them. Motorized vertical blinds are convenient and easy.

Con’s of Motorized Vertical Blinds

On the downside, if the motor fails on the blinds you could be stuck until repairs can be carried out. The repairs can also prove expensive, depending on the type of blinds you have and how many are installed. As most motorized vertical blinds operate with individual motors you may experience multiple failures at the same time. If you particular system is centralized you could have even more difficulty.


Taking a chance on motorized vertical blinds is an option you should weigh against the odds of it breaking down. If you have but a few installed and can cope with any extra expense, they are certainly a way of enhancing your home.