Mount a Wall Hung Toilet

What You'll Need
Wall hung toilet kit

Installing a wall hung toilet is a task that is typically left to the experts; nevertheless, armed with a good set of instructions and careful attention to detail, it can be a successful do-it-yourself project.

Step 1 - Place the Gasket

Place the neoprene gasket onto bowl outlet. Move the bowl toward the wall. Push mounting studs through the correct holes in the bowl. Check that the gasket is in place. Place the bowl onto the mounting support using appropriate washers and nuts. Apply sealant between bowl gap and wall. Pour water into the bowl so that sewer gas won't leak.

Step 2 - Attach the Tank

Turn the tank upside down with the lid off. Slide the donut washer onto the tank outlet. Turn the tank right side up and lower tank onto the bowl so that the outlet slides evenly over the inlet opening. Slip rubber washers over the tank bolts, then slide the bolts into the appropriate holes in the bowl. Secure them with metal nuts and washers. Do not over tighten bolts or nuts, as doing so could cause damage.

Step 3 - Connect the Water Lines

Connect the water line directly to the tank using either a straight or angle stop. If you have cold water through the wall, use an angle stop. If your cold water comes through the floor, use a straight stop. Place a washer and a plastic nut onto the connecting pipe on the tank end of the pipe. Next bend the pipe so that it will insert into the inlet opening on the shutoff valve. Check for leaks and take corrective action to seal them as necessary.

Step 4 - Connect the Water Inflow Tube

Connect the plastic tube from the water inflow regulator into the holding ring which is inside the overflow tube. If your model of wall hung toilet needs to have the flushing lever installed, now is the time to do it. Left handed levers thread on left handed threads. Right handed levers thread on right handed threads. Thread on and tighten, using a wrench.

Step 5 - Restore Water Flow

Restore the water flow to the wall hung toilet by opening the straight or angle stop. Ensure that the water is filling sufficiently to the proper fill line in order to flush efficiently. If the water is below the fill line, turn the flow adjusting screw counterclockwise. If the water is beyond the fill line, turn the screw clockwise.

Step 6 - Attach the Lid

Place the lid onto the tank. Install the plastic bolt covers over the major installation bolts. Attach the toilet seat following the manufacturer's instructions.