Mounting a Newel Post to a Cement Floor

What You'll Need
Newel post
Newel post flange
Concrete bit
Concrete mounting anchors
Socket wrench
Safety goggles
Protective gloves
Masking tape
Wire brush

A newel post can be mounted directly to the wooden stairs by securing it with nails to the side of the stair boards without having to mount it to the concrete. However, this is only applicable if the stair design permits it. Alternatively, the newel post can be mounted to the cement floor using a metal flange designed for newel post installation on concrete surfaces. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1 – Choose a Newel Post Design

Determine the best design for the post and purchase it along with an accompanying post flange. Make sure that the post fits the opening of the flange completely. The flange will serve as the post holder and will be mounted to the concrete using concrete bolts or anchors. When purchasing a post flange, buy one with a set of anchors. If not, purchase the anchors separately.

Step 2 – Determine the Installation Location

Plan where to best install the post. Before installing the stair railings, it is important to install the post first so that the installation of the railing will be stable. As soon as the location of the post is set, place the flange exactly on that spot and mark the anchor holes with a pencil.

Step 3 – Drill Anchor Holes

Remove the post flange temporarily and prepare the drill. Check the instructions on the concrete anchors to determine the correct depth and diameter of the hole to be made. Insert the correct concrete bit into the drill. Wrap a masking tape on the correct length of the drill bit to mark the intended depth of the hole. Wear protective gloves, eye goggles, and mask before proceeding.

Connect the drill to a power source and position the bit on top of the marked spot. Set the drill to turn clockwise. While supporting the drill with your weight, drill through the concrete and stop when the surface of the concrete meets the masking tape. Drill the other marked spots. Insert a wire brush into the holes and clean out the debris trapped inside. Use an air compressor to flush the dust inside if an air compressor device is available.

Step 4 – Secure the Flange

Position the flange back onto the spot and begin securing the concrete anchors. Using a socket wrench, install the anchors properly into the drilled holes. Some anchors are installed differently so check the manufacturer’s manual for proper installation procedures. Mount the other anchors in the same manner as the first one. Double check all anchors to see if they are properly secured before installing the post.

Step 5 – Install the Post

Insert the post into the opening on the flange. As soon as the post is in place, drill holes through the sides of the flange and secure the mounting screws or bolts included in the flange set. Double check all mounting hardware for tightness.