Moving a Playhouse

Moving a playhouse can be a rather daunting task. Depending on the type of playhouse you have, and depending on where you want to move it to, there are certain things you have to consider.  

Plastic Playhouses

Typically, you aren’t going to have a problem moving these. Their nature alone makes them fairly lightweight, and they are rarely (if ever) built into the ground. If it is simply a matter of moving it to a different location in the backyard to make room for something else, one or several guys on each side should do the trick. That is, assuming it isn’t designed to break down.

If it is capable of easily breaking down and coming apart (as many are built that way for winter storage), that completely solves the problem. If you can’t figure out how it breaks down and no longer have the instruction manual, it is probably easily found at the manufacturer’s website.

Wooden Playhouses

Depending on the playhouse designs, wooden playhouses become significantly harder to move, as they are so much heavier. If moving to a different area of the yard, there are a few different options. Probably the most basic option is to use a jack to lift it up to put skids underneath. Rolling it on wooden polls (think telephone polls, maybe narrower) or long pipes work equally well, depending on the weight. Simply “leapfrog” them; as it rolls off the last one, put it back in front, until you get it where you want it. Pushing it along this way may work, though pulling it slowly with a tractor or truck would be much easier. If necessary, more heavy-duty equipment can be rented that essentially does the same thing.

If necessary, major equipment may be rented for moving. This is especially true if the playhouse was built including a concrete slab underneath. In this case, something more heavy duty, like a crane, may be needed. The same is true for especially heavy playhouses being moved to a different yard altogether, in which case you’ll probably also have to rent a truck designed to carry such large, heavy loads.