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An MTD lawn mower includes models produced by one of several subsidiary lawn care companies. MTD is the parent company of Yardman, White Outdoor, Yard Machine and Bolens, each of which produce a variety of walk-behind and riding lawn mowers built to give you a reliable means of keeping your lawn maintained. Under the auspices of MTD, the 4 subsidiaries offer gas-powered, walk-behind mowers, lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers. All are built with the same level of MTD quality and will provide you with a reliable means of maintaining your lawn for years to come. Whether you have a need for a walk-behind mulching mower for your relatively small lawn or require the services of a riding lawn tractor, there is an MTD lawn mower up to the task. 

MTD Walk-Behind Mowers

MTD walk-behind mowers include almost a dozen models each produced by Yardman and Yard Machine along with similar units sold under the Bolens and White Outdoor names. Yardman by MTD walk-behind mowers feature engines with between 139 and 190cc of power. They come in both 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 varieties. 3-in-1 walk-behind mowers can mulch, side-bag and rear-bag depending on the application. 4 of the 11 Yardman walk-behind lawn mowers come with a self-propelled axle system that takes much of the work out of mowing your lawn. Yard Machine walk-behind mowers are similar. They come with engines ranging from 123 to 190cc, but only offer 2-in-1 lawn mowers. Some of Yard Machine's 11 walk-behind lawn mowers feature a self-propulsion system, though. Bolens offers push walk-behind lawn mowers with cutting decks up to 22 inches in diameter with either side or rear discharge. Likewise, numerous walk-behind units are produced under the name of White Outdoor. They are similar to other MTD walk-behind mower units in terms of size and capabilities. 

MTD Riding Lawn Mowers

All 4 of the MTD subsidiaries produce riding lawn mowers including lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers. Yardman has 3 available models with 38, 42 and 46-inch cutting decks. These lawn tractors come with a 12.5, 15.5 and 22-horsepower motor, respectively. Yard Machine offers 4 different lawn tractors: 3 with a 38-inch deck and one with a 42-inch deck. The horsepower on these units reaches up to 17.5. Bolens and White Outdoor also produce lawn tractors. Yardman offers 2 different models of zero-turn mowers equipped with a 42 and 50-inch cutting deck. Lawn tractors make short work of lawns an acre or larger. With their centrally-mounted cutting deck and up-front engine, lawn tractors are doubly beneficial because they may be fitted with accessories such as a plow or a trailer to do other work. Zero-turn riding mowers can make incredibly tight turns around shrubs, trees and other obstacles. They also feature wider cutting decks for a quicker cut. 

MTD lawn mowers include those models produced under several different brand names. When you are looking at Yardman, Yard Machine, Bolens or White Outdoor lawn mower products, you are looking at MTD lawn mowers, All built with the same MTD quality. Whether you have a small lawn to mow or a large, an MTD lawn mower is a great choice. 

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