Mudroom Designs for Painting Mudroom Designs for Painting

When choosing a mudroom design for your home you will find the possibilities are endless. However, when you choose to paint your walls there are certain things you will want to consider. Do you want a flat, satin, or glossy paint? What colors should you choose for your mudroom? Should you use a textured paint for your mudroom? These questions are not hard to answer when you consider the use of your mudroom.

A mudroom is designed to collect dirty shoes, wet clothes and umbrellas, or any dirty item that needs to come inside. Therefore, you will want a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint finish. This paint will allow you to wash your walls frequently without rubbing your paint off.

For your color scheme, you should stay away from stark whites. Instead, choose a color such as beige or tan. These colors will hide the dirt that enters your mudroom. Stark white will make every spot stand out immediately. In addition, textured paint can help to hide those unwanted spots left behind by a muddy boot. Unless you want to spend your days cleaning your mudroom walls you need to choose a paint design that hides those small blemishes. After all, the purpose of a mud room is to save you time cleaning and stressing over the dirt.

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