Multiple Enclosed Deck Possibilities Multiple Enclosed Deck Possibilities

An enclosed deck is like gaining another room in your house. The fact that it’s enclosed means you can use it all year. With many decks, however, they will be raised, so they will tend to be chilly in winter.

Sun Room

An enclosed deck will work well as a sun room. With glass windows and ceiling it will trap the sun, even in winter and keep you warm. Having windows that open will create a good cross breeze to keep you cool in summer, making the room usable then. An enclosed deck on the back of the house will extend your house, and even in the winter it will make a good mud room where family members can shed boots and clothes before entering the house. This brings the added advantage of keeping your house cleaner.


An enclosed deck can also act as a conservatory, although this will require a solid floor. A conservatory is intended to be usable all year and will be heated. It truly is an extra room on the house, generally accessible by French doors, or often without doors, just an extension from the house. This is a specific type of enclosed deck, but it certainly qualifies for the way it adds to the house.


A veranda that extends around the front and side of the house can make an excellent enclosed deck. It offers much more space, not only for sitting, but also for walking. You’ll be out of the weather but still able to enjoy the fresh air. The veranda can also join onto an enclosed deck at the rear of the house. This is more than another room. It’s allowing your house to be usable indoors and out throughout the year. This isn’t only good for you and your family. It makes for an excellent selling point if you ever decide to move, and will increase the value of your house.


A multi-level enclosed deck can be like having more than one extra room in your house. It offers several areas where different family groups can gather-children in one area, kids in another. It’s a complex construction, and expensive, but again, it will pay off if you sell your house. You might well need to have approval before building it, as it will be larger than the average deck.


You can change or enhance the style of your house with an enclosed deck. The rural look is quite popular and simple, and will fit in with a number of house styles. You could also make the enclosed deck look very contemporary and minimalist. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

Your enclosed deck can either contrast with your house, giving a completely different effect, or it can complement it. That part of the design is completely up to you. Work with someone who knows what to do, however, and have an exact design before you start. This will ensure that the project progresses smoothly and quickly.

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