Multiple Methods for Building a Stair Landing Multiple Methods for Building a Stair Landing

After the basic construction of stairs, a stair landing is a very important part for the completion of making it ready to use. You can bring in many variations and plan your design in many ways while building the staircase landing.


You can place the stair landing differently and keep its dimension according to your design preferences. You must always keep a minimum space of 3 by 3 feet for the landing. Now, if you are placing the landing in the center of the stair or the place where the stair is changing direction you must keep a bigger space, at least the length must be longer by 1/2 of a foot.


The stair landing can be made of plywood mounted on a wooden frame at the end of the stair or you can use some other sub-flooring material. You can also use the same wood, for constructing the landing, which you have used for the stairs. In case you are using wood make sure to fill in the countersink holes properly and then smooth them out. You can use strips of wood for designing the landing instead of using a wide board. 

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